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Maritime Injury

Due to the physical demands of working at sea, severe injuries to the hands, arms, legs or back can be catastrophic. These injuries can leave you unable to work, causing you and your family to struggle to get by. If you have been injured, you do not have to wait for your insurance company to settle your claim or for your employer to give you the compensation you deserve.

Auto Accidents

Every year millions of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents. Car accidents are the leading cause of brain and spinal cord injury in the United States, while motorcycle accidents cause about 20% of motor vehicle related head injuries.

Construction Injury

An estimated 35 fatalities per 100,000 construction workers will occur this year alone. The Center to Protect Workers Rights reports that more than 150,000 non-fatal injuries at construction worksites are documented annually. 

Cruise Ship Injury

Cruise ship accidents and crimes can and do happen. Cruise ships are covered by complex contractual and maritime legal requirements. If you’ve been the victim of a cruise ship injury, it’s a good idea to seek experienced legal counsel before filing a civil lawsuit.

Faulty Product Injury

When a corporation manufactures and sells a product, they have a responsibility to make sure it is safe for its intended use and to warn the public of any potential hazards it may pose.

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Anthony is willing to consider your maritime case no matter where it occurs, this may require association of local counsel. Anthony Urie specializes in maritime injury cases. His experience includes almost every imaginable maritime injury, up to and including wrongful death.

Anthony’s unique understanding of commercial fishing injuries, having been a commercial fisherman himself, allows him the unique opportunity to fully appreciate the dangers associated with maritime work. He also has served as a public defender and is experienced in criminal defense matters.

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About Anthony M. Urie

As a Seattle maritime lawyer, Anthony was raised in Alaska and began his at-sea fishing experience at the age of 10. By 17, he was serving as a captain on a commercial fishing vessel, and was already familiar with the inherent risks associated with working at sea.  He has personally experienced being capsized and abandoning a sinking vessel. He has been tossed into the sea without a survival suit or life jacket. 

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Case Studies

Cosco Busan Collision

Anthony has, and continues to represent dozens of commercial fisherman in California, Oregon and Washington effected by the 11/07/2007.

Wrongful Death

Anthony represented the family of a deceased seaman who served aboard the ill-fated F/V Arctic Rose. Although the settlements are deemed

Injury & Dismemberment

Anthony represented a commercial fisherman who lost a portion of four fingers due to negligence. In this specific case, the dismemberment was caused

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